Hello, and welcome to my TED talk WordPress blog.

I’m Sparkle Puca: a mostly-Lokean, drunk-person-pesterer and music festival glamper. I am known for exactly zero of these things. You can call me Hedo. If you were also Ruining Everything back in 2012, you may know me as Slipperyrumcake or Peaksinmay.

Here, you’re going to find long-ish posts every other week (formerly weekly) that cover Norse mythology, language, devotional experience and modern Heathenry.

I fell into Heathenry in September of 2012 (and almost fell into my oven making my first offering, to boot) and have been working with Loki and his family, plus Gullveig and Thor. Odin seems to have also shown up. Also, Tyr. Gods are like Pokemon, but the Pokemon catch you.

Right now I’m hunkering down into serious research and networking, because Big Things are in the works, and I’m being nudged out of my previously solitary practice. Blogging here is part of that because it keeps me focused and connected to the community.

You can also find me on TwitterFacebookGoogle+, Instagram and Pinterest. I’m still getting the hang of a few of these, especially Google+, but these are options if you want to subscribe without needing a WordPress account.


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