Comment Policy

Comments are always welcome, but there are rules in place so that readers and commenters can be sure they’re walking into an environment that won’t be needlessly hostile.

  1. No spam. Self-promotion is fine, but your comment needs to be on topic and directly addressing what it responds to. For example, “I also have a post on this if you wanna check it out” is golden. (And will definitely be checked out!) “BUY VIAGRA” goes in the trash if Akismet doesn’t eat it.
  2. Flyting and fighting are the exact same thing on the internet. No ad-hominems, no intellectually lazy arguments, no deliberate derailing. Engage the content and the speaker. Anger is usually a sign that the argument isn’t worth your time.
  3. No Nazism. No racism. No folkism. No anti-semitism. No xenophobia. No dogwhistling for any of these. None of it. End of story.
  4. No homophobia. No transphobia. No appeal to nature in defense of your homophobia and transphobia. No citing ergi as an argument. It will not fly. No, you cannot borrow the falcon cloak.
  5. No ableism. This means no use of slurs related to ability, and no stating or implying that people with disabilities are inferior. This applies to both physical and psychiatric/neurological disabilities.
  6. No gendered discrimination of any kind. This means no insults based on gender, as well as no insults based on gender expression.
  7. No hating on Loki, the Jotnar, etc. By extension, no hating on Lokeans, Rokkatruar, or anyone who works with the Jotnar in their practice solely on the grounds that they work with these entities. Criticism that you thought through and are ready to back up is fine. Falling back on stereotypes about Lokeans is not.
  8. No self-aggrandizement or pretentiousness. This is my token petty rule, because I just plain hate it.
  9. Follow basic netiquette. These rules are intended to supplement it.